The Review of International Conflict and Security was established in 2018 to empower undergraduate research and writing in the area of foreign policy and security studies. The founders of RICS recognized that the increasing complexity of global affairs demands greater attention and action from the next generation of young leaders.

RICS aims to broaden readers’ understanding of foreign affairs, inspire undergraduate writing and research, and deepen connections between members and Berkeley faculty. 

Meet the Team

Anastasia Pyrinis


Anastasia Pyrinis is an experienced writer and researcher with a passion for working in the public sector. As a former intern at the US House of Representatives for the Majority Leader, Anastasia has Capitol Hill experience and a demonstrated commitment to using politics as a means for benefiting the community. As a writer for the Huffington Post and the Berkeley Political Review, Anastasia has been able to use her writing skills to provide non-partisan political analysis of some of the tops issues in both the domestic and foreign policy spheres. Majoring in Political Science, Economics, and Media Studies with a Minor in Public Policy, Anastasia intends to pursue a career in public service following her graduation.

Chance Boreczky

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Chance Boreczky is a third-year student majoring in political science and history, focusing his on Eastern Europe, arms control and security, and international law. Over the summer, he interned with the Department of State, serves as a Foreign Affairs Campus Coordinator for UC Berkeley, and remains a staff writer for the Berkeley Political Review.

Alexander Casendino


Alexander Casendino is an avid reader and writer who is fascinated by the evolution of U.S. foreign policy, counterterrorism operations, and counterinsurgency tactics. After completing an internship within the U.S. Department of State’s Counterterrorism Bureau, Alexander is actively pursuing a career in the counterterrorism field. Alexander also analyzes security institutions as a researcher with the “Security Institutions and Violent Instability Program, a DoD-funded Minerva grant with the UC Berkeley Political Science Department. He also enjoys history, biking, and windsurfing.